Northern fringe garden suburb at Ipswich sees first signs of work

Henley Road signs

New Signs have gone up at Henley Gate on the edge of Ipswich. - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Further indications that work on the new Ipswich Garden Suburb on the northern fringe of the town has come with developers Crest Nicholson setting up their first banners and flags heralding the start of work on the Henley Gate phase of the development.

Meanwhile another developer, Mersea Homes, is starting public consultation on its plans to build homes on another part of the suburb - the Red House neighbourhood near Tuddenham Road.

Ipswich Garden Suburb is split into three neighbourhoods  Henley Gate, north of the East Suffolk Rail Line and between Ipswich and the edge of Westerfield Village. It includes the new country park which will separate the new development from the village and which was given planning permission by Ipswich Council planners earlier this month.

That is being built by Crest Nicholson, which has already obtained some of the required planning permission needed but still has  to agree details.

Its development will include 1,100 homes, a new primary school and a new local centre with shops and other community facilities.

The Fonnereau neighbourhood is to the south of the railway line and between Henley Road and Westerfield Road. Mersea Homes were granted outline planning permission last year to build 815 homes, a neighbourhood centre with shops and offices as well as other community facilities.

Now Mersea Homes is asking the public for their views on the plans to develop the Red House neighbourhood between Westerfield Road and Tuddenham Road before applying for outline planning permission for that.

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That includes plans for 1,020 homes, a new primary school and a new secondary school which would include a sixth form. The public consultation process will run until March 12. 

Full details of the consultation and details on how to have a say on the proposals can be found here.

An outline planning application for the Red House neighbourhood is expected to be submitted to Ipswich Council during the spring once the results of the public consultation are analysed.

The full Ipswich Garden Suburb is expected to take many years to develop - and is seen as the last major development that can be completed within the town's current boundaries.