Ipswich: Notorious drunk who swore at judge avoids jail

IPSWICH: Notorious alcoholic Roy Hagley has once again caused a stir in court – this time swearing at a judge in front of stunned school children.

The 48-year-old lout – who has more than 150 convictions to his name – appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court to answer booze-related charges.

But as soon as Hagley entered the court room he launched an astonishing outburst at District Judge David Cooper before the hearing could begin.

Hagley, struggling to stay on his feet, swore repeatedly at Judge Cooper before telling him that he “hated his guts” and hoped “he rotted in hell”.

The outburst continued as Hagley was led into the dock by security staff who attempted to calm him down.

Around a dozen young school children who were on a day outing to the court witnessed Hagley’s outburst and were asked to leave the room by the usher.

Judge Cooper demanded that Hagley be taken down into the cells in order for him to sober up and re-appear before the court during its afternoon session.

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When Hadley did re-appear in the dock, flanked by two security officers, he refused to apologise to Judge Cooper for his outburst.

Hagley, of London Road, pleaded guilty to a charge of drunk and disorderly behaviour which related to an incident in Westgate Street in Ipswich on January 8.

He was fined �25 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of �15.

Earlier this month Hagley walked free from Ipswich Crown Court after claiming that he misunderstood the terms of an anti-social behaviour order placed upon him.

Under the conditions of the Asbo, made last June, Hagley, who has battled an alcohol addiction for 30 years, is prohibited from having a sealed or unsealed container of alcohol in a public place. But he was allegedly spotted drinking a pint of beer at the Golden Lion pub on December 4.

Hagley is set to re-appear at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court at a later date to enter a plea to that charge.

The alcoholic hit the headlines last year when a judge reluctantly slashed his jail term – handed to him for repeatedly breaching an anti-social behaviour order - before admitting Hagley would “no doubt offend again”.

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