Ipswich: Palmers and Partners estate agent is slapped with parking fine – because he put ticket on wrong window

ipswich: An angry motorist has today told of his shock at being handed a parking notice even though he was displaying a ticket in his window.

Brady Rackham, who works for estate agents Palmers and Partners in Ipswich, said he received the parking ticket on February 14 when his car was parked outside the firm’s offices in Queens Street, Ipswich.

But the �1.80 he paid to park for an hour has now turned into a �50 fine.

“I am very angry,” he said. “I found out last month I am about to be a dad and so I don’t need the extra cost.

“I had paid for a ticket and it was in my driver’s side window.

“But because it wasn’t in my windscreen I have been penalised.

“I couldn’t believe it, I had paid for the ticket.”

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Mr Rackham, who lives in Clacton, Essex, said he has parked in the same spot, putting tickets in his driver’s side window before and has never had a problem.

“I was not aware it had to be put in the windscreen,” he added. “I park there a lot and always pop the ticket in my window because I park next to the pavement so it’s easy to see.

“It just feels like I am being penalised when I haven’t done anything wrong.”

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council explained that the rules and regulations regarding parking tickets state they have to be displayed in the windscreen of a car to be valid.

He said: “Mr Rackham was given a fixed penalty notice because there was no ticket displayed in his windscreen.

“He has the right to appeal the decision if he wishes and it will be considered by an independent group.”

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