Ipswich parks and cemeteries closed as Storm Doris arrives

Ipswich market closes as Storm Doris hits. Picture: Michelle Patrick

Ipswich market closes as Storm Doris hits. Picture: Michelle Patrick - Credit: Archant

Ipswich market has closed early today over safety fears as Storm Doris heads towards Suffolk.

Christchurch Park was closed because of Storm Doris.

Christchurch Park was closed because of Storm Doris.

There were fears the high winds may cause damage to the stalls.

Parks and cemeteries have also been closed over safety fears and the Orwell Bridge will be closed for most of the day - see more here

Ipswich council took the decision to shut the parks after getting detailed weather advice – the move was made to protect the public and to try to restrict the danger of damage to the parkland.

The market stalls were vulnerable to the high wind – it has closed early before in high winds.

Providing any damage is not too severe, the parks and market are all expected to reopen tomorrow once the high winds have eased.

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The town’s cemeteries are also closed for public access although services will still go ahead.

Bin collection rounds are continuing in the south east of the town but might be affected by heavy traffic later – that is an areas of the town that is likely to be affected by heavy traffic from the closure of the bridge. Residents are asked to take their bins in as soon as they can after they have been emptied because of the wind.

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A spokesman for the borough said: “We appreciate this will cause some inconvenience to some shoppers and potential visitors to the parks – but it is better to be safe than sorry.

“We have been warned that Storm Doris could be potentially disruptive and want to ensure that people in Ipswich remain safe.” Find out more about Storm Doris here

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