Bid to 'reduce number of rats' at Ipswich parks

Mega Kebab & Pizza in Stevenage was found by health inspectors to be infested with rats. File photo.

There is a bid to reduce the number of rats at Ipswich parks - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Don't feed the ducks - that's the message for visitors to Ipswich parks as rangers try to reduce the number of rats.

Concerns have been raised about signs of a "very visible rat population" in the town's green spaces, such as at Chantry Park pond.

The robbery happened near Chantry Park in Ipswich. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

There is said to be a high number of rats at Ipswich's Chantry Park - Credit: Archant

Phil Smart, Ipswich Borough Council’s portfolio holder for environment and climate change, said: “We are working hard to reduce the number of rats in our parks."

Regular pest control visits have been taking place, with rangers also "using a variety of measures to carefully address the issue while not causing harm to other wildlife".

However, he said: "We need visitors to help us by not littering and not feeding the wildlife (ducks, squirrels, birds etc) as this encourages pests.

"There is enough natural food in the park for the wildlife to survive naturally.”