World’s fattest man facing jail over ‘mobility scooter shoplifting spree’ wants to return to Ipswich

Former Ipswich postman, Paul Mason, could face jail time after allegedly shoplifting in the US. Pict

Former Ipswich postman, Paul Mason, could face jail time after allegedly shoplifting in the US. Picture: ANDY ABBOTT - Credit: Archant

A former Ipswich postman once named the world’s fattest man is accused of shoplifting in the US – and allegedly stashed items such as Star Wars toys in his mobility scooter.

And once Paul Mason has faced an American court for the alleged incident at a Walmart store, which could see him jailed, it’s understood he wants to return to Suffolk for an operation on the NHS.

The 57-year-old – once pulled from his Ipswich bungalow by a forklift truck – reached 70st at his heaviest after eating three-family sized takeaways a day.

Now living in America, Mr Mason is facing charges of grand larceny, or theft, of items under $1,200 on November 15.

This carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail, and a hefty fine.

Mr Mason has also been banned from all Walmart stores following the incident in May.

According to a police report seen by this newspaper, the 57-year-old is accused of taking 18 items of Walmart merchandise costing $225 (£175) altogether.

“On arrival, I was met by security staff. [They] advised the male party, later identified as Paul Mason, failed to pay for the items he had in his basket, totalling approximately $225,” the police officer’s report states.

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“I was further informed that they having been watching Paul as he has done this in the past, as he fills up a basket and then leaves the store utilizing a motorized cart.”

It is alleged Mr Mason concealed items including a Star Wars figurine and Beyblade toy set in his mobility scooter shopping cart.

He has since been summonsed to court, police chiefs confirmed.

However, it is understood Mr Mason wants to return to his hometown of Ipswich for an operation on the NHS after his court hearing.

The police report lists his weight (as of May 2018) as 650lbs, or 46st.

Mr Mason has been approached for further comment but has not yet responded.

In 2010, he had a gastric bypass which reduced his stomach capacity – and three years later he met future fiancée Rebecca Mountain.

And although Mr Mason managed to slim down to 19st, the pair broke up three years ago.

He had another round of surgery in 2016 to remove 4st of skin.