Ipswich Pc loses licence after being found guilty of dangerous driving during incident with cyclist

The incident happened on Norwich Road in Ipswich, oppositve Coes department store.

The incident happened on Norwich Road in Ipswich, oppositve Coes department store. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An Ipswich police constable involved in an alleged road rage incident has been convicted of dangerous driving by a jury at Norwich Crown Court.

William Ormsby, of Hale Close, was acquitted of a second charge of assaulting cyclist Ben Fosdike during an altercation in Norwich Road, Ipswich, on Valentine’s Day last year.

Mr Fosdike had claimed he had been deliberately knocked off his bicycle by Ormsby who was off-duty at the time and driving his partner’s Nissan Micra.

The incident happened as the pair were opposite Coes after travelling around Barrack Corner while heading out of town.

Mr Fosdike hit the wing mirror of the Micra as he claimed that Ormsby was driving within touching distance, causing him to feel intimidated.

Ormsby had denied dangerous driving. He said he was startled by the noise and went to pull up, but put his foot on the accelerator of the Nissan instead of the brake as he was not used to driving an automatic car.

Ormsby claimed he then turned sharply to the left to avoid hitting a van parked by the side of the road.

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The Micra ended up with one front wheel on the pavement and the other at least touching the kerb.

The manoeuvre caused Mr Fosdike and his bicycle to end up on the ground.

An argument then occurred in which both men admitted pushing each other, although the court heard Ormsby shoved Mr Fosdike after being pushed himself. Ormsby, 54, said he did so in self defence.

Following his conviction Ormsby was disqualified from driving for 15 months and fined £750.

He must also pay £1,000 towards prosecution costs and compensation of £383.48 to Mr Fosdike whose bike was damaged during the incident.

Ormsby was also told he must pay £75 to the victims’ fund.