Ipswich: Pensioner’s freedom taken away by callous thieves

ipswich: A pensioner’s freedom and independence was taken away by thieves who stole his mobility scooter.

Ivan Fleming’s much-relied-on mobility scooter and charger was stolen from his shed just before Christmas.

Friend and neighbour John Saville, of Landseer Road, said: “This scooter was all he had to get about on and these low-lives took away his freedom and independence.”

Kind-hearted Mr Saville, who used to deal in mobility scooters, has lent 87-year-old Mr Fleming a scooter so he can get about.

The 61-year-old added: “If these thieves are ever caught I do hope the courts make an example of them.

“You don’t take people’s things – especially those belonging to pensioners, disabled, women and children.

“But these days thieves will steal for anything.”

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Mr Fleming, who lives in Landseer Close with wife Freda, 84, is waiting for an insurance pay out before he can replace his mobility scooter.

He said: “I’m absolutely devastated. To steal from an old aged pensioner is just beyond belief.

“It’s the only form of transport I have and it’s just frustrating to have to go through the insurance process to replace it.”

Mr Fleming wanted to thank his neighbour for kindly providing him with a temporary scooter.

“Thanks to John we can still get out and do our shopping,” he added.

The red Sovereign Shoprider mobility scooter was stolen between 5pm on December 11 and 11.20am on December 12.

Anyone with information should call the South East Ipswich Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.

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