Ipswich: Pensioners deny attack on fellow resident at sheltered housing complex

Hugh Balfour at Ipswich Crown Court

Hugh Balfour at Ipswich Crown Court

Two residents of a sheltered housing complex in Ipswich have denied assaulting another resident during a late night row.

Christopher Grimes, 65, was left with a dislocated shoulder after the alleged attack in Back Hamlet in August last year, Ipswich Crown Court has heard.

Before the court are Hugh Balfour, 75, and Robert Carson, 70, who also live at the Hanover Housing owned premises. They both deny assaulting Mr Grimes causing him actual bodily harm in the early hours of August 25, 2013.

Carson also denies assaulting Mr Grimes by beating on the same date.

It has been alleged that Balfour knocked on Mr Grimes’ flat window as he and Carson walked another resident home after a party.

Words were exchanged between Balfour and Mr Grimes, and Mr Grimes went into his flat and got a dictaphone because he was concerned that Balfour might come back.

Balfour came back and after a further exchange of words there was a fight between the two men during which Balfour allegedly hit Mr Grimes causing him to fall to the ground and dislocate his shoulder.

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Carson then became involved and allegedly kicked Mr Grimes.

Giving evidence Balfour said he had apologised to Mr Grimes after accidentally knocking on his window and denied he had been trying to wind him up.

He denied butting Mr Grimes in the face and taking him to the floor and then kicking and punching him.

He claimed Mr Grimes had refused to let him go past and said he would have been unable to kick and punch Mr Grimes because he suffered from arthritis.

Balfour denied being drunk.

Giving evidence Carson claimed he had intervened after seeing Balfour being kicked by Mr Grimes on the ground.

He claimed he had grabbed Mr Grimes in a bear hug and they had both fallen over. Mr Grimes had got up and ran back towards Balfour and the two men had started “swinging” at each other.

Carson said he had pulled Mr Grimes off Balfour after seeing him “battering” Balfour on the head and he and Mr Grimes had again both fallen over.

He said that at the end of the incident Balfour’s face was covered in blood.

The trial continues.

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