Ipswich: Police hunt for driver who fled after a car crashed into an Ipswich woman’s garage

Police are hunting the driver who fled the scene after a car ploughed into a lamp-post and two road signs before smashing into a garage.

The drama took place in Belstead Road in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Mum-of-four Karen Scott, whose garage was severely damaged in the incident, said the crash could have ended in tragedy.

Her bedroom is next to the garage and she believes the accident could have been so much worse.

Mrs Scott, an operations director at an insurance firm, said: “Our first thoughts were that a tree had come down – all we could see was debris.

“It could have been a lot worse in terms of someone being hurt.

“There are kids that walk past here all the time – there could have been a group walking there. They wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

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Her son’s car, which was parked just outside the garage, sustained serious damage in the crash.

The incident happened at around 2am when a grey Nissan Skyline came off the road.

Police and fire crews were called to the scene, while structural engineers were also called in to make sure the garage was safe.

“There was a mighty bang,” said Mrs Scott.

“It was quite horrendous. It sounded like the largest clap of thunder we had ever heard but it just went on and on – it’s done a hell of a lot of damage.

“I was quite horrified. It’s soul destroying but you’re just pleased nobody was hurt.

“I’m very upset by the whole thing. I’ve just got to keep it together today.

“We have not slept because you can’t just leave it like that.”

Police are now hunting for the driver of the car, who also caused damage to two cars during the incident.

If you were in the area at the time, or noticed anything suspicious, please contact Suffolk police by calling 101.

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