Ipswich: Police raided flat to find heroin and cocaine wraps, court hears

POLICE officers who raided a town centre flat found 16 wraps of heroin and a wrap of cocaine, a court has heard.

Also found at Barry Reid’s flat in Burlington Road, Ipswich, was �345 cash, a set of scales and a mobile telephone which had unread messages on it suggesting he was involved in the supply of drugs, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Reid confessed to officers that two men had been using his flat for a couple of weeks for drug dealing and that he had been paid with deals of heroin.

Reid had also admitted acting as a runner for the two men by selling drugs on the streets on their behalf.

“He felt he was under ‘powder power’ as they were supplying his habit,” said Michael Crimp, prosecuting.

Reid, 36, of Compair Crescent, Ipswich, admitted possessing a wrap of cocaine, possessing drugs with intent to supply and being concerned in the supply of drugs.

He was made the subject of a 24-month supervision order and ordered to take part in a high intensity drug rehabilitation requirement.

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Sentencing him Judge David Goodin warned Reid that if he was brought back to court for breaching the order he would receive a prison sentence.

Judge Goodin made a confiscation order in respect of the �345 cash found in Reid’s flat.

Mr Crimp told the court that, when officers entered Reid’s flat, he was holding a wrap of cocaine and a wrap of heroin and 15 further wraps of heroin were found in a tub.

The heroin weighed a total of less than 5g and was worth a total of around �300.

Roger Thomson for Reid said two dealers from London had used his client’s premises over the Christmas period to deal drugs and in return had given him class A drugs.

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