Ipswich: Police warning to boozed-up yobs

POLICE in the town are today sending out a strong warning to boozed-up troublemakers.

The move comes after it was revealed that 16 men and women have received Exclusion Orders relating to the town’s centre.

The orders, which contain severe restrictions, were granted following applications made to the town’s magistrates’ court.

Most, if not all, of the yobs – whose ages range from 18 to two middle-aged men – have been a persistent source of alcohol problems.

Some of the 13 men and three women currently under restrictions are barred from specific pubs or clubs, while others are banned from locations.

One person is barred from the centre of Ipswich and Colchester. Another cannot enter any licensed premises in Suffolk.

Two more – a man and a woman – also have criminal anti-social behaviour orders made against them, which include night-time curfews. The orders give police the immediate power of arrest if someone is seen to be breaking its terms.

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Central Ipswich inspector Andrew Mason said: “It is a tactic we are employing more and more frequently.

“It is highly impactive. One particular person has been to prison recently as a result of breaking an Exclusion Order.

“This is about repeat offending. If someone is a bit silly and commits one offence, they are not going to get an order.

“These orders give confidence to those in charge of licensed premises that police are taking a proactive approach to making Ipswich a safer place for people to enjoy a night out.”