Ipswich: Potentially lethal driving is being tackled, say police

IPSWICH: Police today strongly refuted accusations that not enough was being done to prevent the potentially lethal consequences of drivers speeding around roads near the town centre.

The claim came from a firefighter at Princes Street fire station who believes those who race around the area of Commercial Road, Russell Road and Quadling Street, feel they are beyond the law.

Evan Heasley said he regularly sees young motorists travelling in excess of the 30mph speed limit from his vantage point at the station, where he has been based for eight months.

Mr Heasley said: “I have watched as a group of people flout the law with no fear. I have witnessed on many occasions drivers driving through red lights and there have been many cases where accidents have nearly occurred.

“What bothers me are two things. Firstly, someone is going to be killed or seriously injured. Secondly, these drivers appear to be behaving with total impunity, and with total disregard for the law.

“This problem has been going on for years and the police are well aware of the problem.

“I have been a firefighter for a number of years and have attended many car crashes. I know what a speeding car can do. I liken these cars to weapons.

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“I understand that in these financially difficult times the police have priorities, but I do believe that this should be a priority.”

Ipswich police strenuously denied Mr Heasley’s assertions over their enforcement of the law in the area known as the ‘Double Ds’.

Officers accept the issue has been one which has blighted the area periodically for many years, but say they have taken action.

Acting Chief Inspector Andrew Mason, said: “We are aware there are some issues at this location which have existed over some considerable period of time. We have run a number of operations in this location, both overtly and covertly, to target individuals.

“We would encourage members of the public to act responsibly and take responsibility for their own actions.

“Officers will be actively targeting the area in future.

“I would take issue with the accusation that nothing has been done. If Mr Heasley would like to work with Suffolk Constabulary in the future he is more than welcome to contact me.”

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