Ipswich: Praise for hero banger boss who leapt to aid of fan in wheelchair at Foxhall Stadium

IPSWICH: A banger racing boss was today hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of a disabled man who was stranded in the Foxhall Stadium car park.

The unnamed man, who is thought to have travelled to Ipswich from the Midlands with his mother to watch the Unlimited National Banger World Final, found on arriving that the tyre of his wheelchair had been punctured.

But Nick Thomas, Spedeworth Motorsport’s site manager at Foxhall, leapt to his aid.

Derek Peters, a fellow disabled racing fan, watched the events.

“I know myself when you’re in trouble you’re really in trouble,” he said.

“His only other option would have been to get the chair back in the car and go home.”

Fortunately, Mr Thomas volunteered his help.

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He arranged for the man to be transported to the stadium’s disabled area in time to watch the races, and set to work on the wheelchair.

After attempts to mend the puncture failed, the manager sought a replacement tyre from Phillips Mobility in Felixstowe.

Mr Thomas said that it was only by chance that they were able to find the spare at such short notice.

“We know Phillips because we’re with them at the Suffolk Show, where we’re always next door to each other,” he said.

The tyre was delivered to Foxhall Stadium by taxi, and Mr Thomas then installed it with tools borrowed from the banger racing crews and the help of a nearby mechanic.

“He saved their day and he wouldn’t charge them a penny,” said Mr Peters.

“Banger racing gets so much bad press and this is so refreshing to see.”

Explaining why he dedicated so much time on a busy race night to help the stranded fan, Mr Thomas said: “We’re just pleased to help.

“We have responsibility for the welfare of all people who come here, not just to promote racing.”

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