Ipswich: Property boost on Waterfront after summer’s major events

More than half a dozen properties along the Waterfront have been sold to people from outside the area as a result of some of the town’s biggest summer events, it emerged today.

Nicholas Estates, based in Neptune Quay, sold six of their apartments in the area to people from all over the country, including Hertfordshire and Leicester, following the start of the Tour of Britain and the Maritime Festival. There were also some properties sold after the Olympic Torch relay, which went along the Waterfront.

Nick Golding, manager of Nicholas Estates, said: “People from outside the area were coming to the docks for the events and saying ‘we really like this’. Then they came back a few days later and bought them.

“It is so nice to see the Waterfront finally fulfilling its potential. There is still lots more development to do but when you have events like these, you realise why you set up here in the first place.

“We started the business here because we envisaged the potential regeneration. We kept the office here even though it’s been tough to sell properties over the last couple of years but now we hope it has turned a corner.”

David Ellesmere, leader of Ipswich Borough Council, said: “This is one of the reasons why the council, along with Ipswich Central, put things on at the Waterfront because it is still astonishing that people from outside Ipswich do not know it is there. We want to showcase the best that Ipswich has to offer. The more people that come to the town and spend money in our businesses, and in this instance show interest in properties, the better.”