Ipswich: Public backing could hasten new speed limit on A14 Orwell Bridge after 54% of readers vote for reduction

Tim Passmore

Tim Passmore - Credit: Archant

A major response to the poll on our website about speed limits on the Orwell Bridge could strengthen the case for new safety measures.

Hundreds of people took part in the poll during its first day online – and a clear majority were in favour of reducing the limit from the present 70mph.

A total of 16% wanted the speed limit reduced to 60mph while 34% wanted it to come down to 50mph. A small number (4%) wanted it to be lower than that. A total of 46% wanted it to stay at 70mph.

Suffolk police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore said the response to the poll – about 800 people took part in it – showed the level of concern about the road.

“Before anything happens there will need to be a great deal of consultation, but I will be able to take these poll results to the Highways Agency and show them that it will be worthwhile carrying out such an exercise.

“It is interesting that more people favour a lower speed limit – that would suggest that more people would like to see speed reduced in a bid to reduce the number of accidents which is what really does hold people up.

“I know this is not a scientific poll – but the numbers of people taking part and the clear majority show that it is an issue people are concerned about.”

The Highways Agency will be considering whether to introduce a lower speed limit in January – and it would be accompanied by the introduction of average speed cameras.

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Mr Passmore added: “I think there will be a great deal of pressure for a speed limit with the cameras – and this poll will help to maintain that.”