Ipswich: Quick thinking Regan, 9, raises alarm to save nan from coma

Regan Wood, 9, was responsible for raising the alarm when his grandmother Carol Hunting suffered a d

Regan Wood, 9, was responsible for raising the alarm when his grandmother Carol Hunting suffered a diabetic coma in the early hours of Sunday morning. Pictured with mum Hayley Wood - Credit: Lucy taylor

A quick-thinking nine-year-old from Ipswich who saved his nan’s life by raising the alarm when she fell into a diabetic coma has been described as a “little diamond” by his grateful grandmother.

Regan Wood was staying with his nan, Carol Hunting, when he was woken by her shaking and making strange noises in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Though scared by his nan’s behaviour, the youngster found her mobile phone, remembered the pass-code to unlock it and called his mum, Hayley Wood, who is Mrs Hunting’s daughter.

After seven attempts to reach her mobile, he tried the home number and managed to wake his mum who came rushing over from Taunton Close to her mum’s house in Palmcroft Road.

Regan opened the door and took his mum to where Mrs Hunting was lying in bed unconscious.

Paramedics were called, arriving soon after to administer glucose and bring her back round, warning she would have likely died had Regan not raised the alarm when he did.

Mrs Hunting, 65, has paid thanks to her “little diamond” for his quick-thinking actions that saved her life.

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“I think he is such a brave little boy,” she added.

“If he hadn’t been there I don’t know what would have happened, I’m just so grateful.”

Mrs Wood, 36, has also thanked Regan for raising the alarm as she had taught him to.

“I’m over the moon,” she said. “I love him so much, I cannot believe what he has done – he’s saved my mum’s life.

“It’s just so lucky it happened when he was staying there.

“I know it’s not a nice thing for him to go through but I’m so glad he was able to be there for my mum.

“It’s heartbreaking really, I was not ready to lose her.”

Mrs Hunting’s other daughter Lorraine Barber, who lives in Beccles, has also sung her nephew’s praises.

“It’s such a brave and responsible thing for a nine-year-old to do, I could not believe it,” she said.

“I dread to think what would happened if he had not saved the day, she would gone into a deeper coma and died.

“Thank God for Regan, otherwise it would have been a tragedy, “

Regan, who attends Carter Hill Primary School, said he was “so happy” to have been able to help but a little overwhelmed by all the praise.

“Everyone is really happy with me and mum said I deserve lots of treats, but I’m not going to be greedy,” he said.

Mrs Hunting, whose husband died about seven years ago, has made a strong recovery and is staying with Mrs Wood, her husband Shaun Wood, Regan and his two brothers Riley and Ronnie.