Ipswich: Reader tells of van blaze drama

A SHOCKED resident today told of his horror after an explosion from a van fire caused the doors in his home to rattle.

Ryan Pond, of Ipswich, thought a loud firework had gone off until he heard his neighbours in Reading Road shouting.

Mr Pond, who captured the drama which was unfolding on his doorstep, said: “There was a loud explosion outside that rattled the door, being this time of year I had just assumed that it was a loud firework.

“It was only until I heard someone outside shouting that I thought to look outside.

“There was parked white van that was completely engulfed in flames. The first thing that came to mind was to phone the fire service, but luckily a neighbour quickly said that they had already called 999.

“It was surreal to stand there and watch the flames just outside the front door. After a minute or so we could hear the engine of the van start to whirr and shortly after there was another smaller explosion.”

A fire crew from Princes Street was called to the scene at 7.50pm last night.

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Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the flames using a hose reel jet and the incident was brought under control by 8.20pm.