Ipswich ready to prove it has talent!

MOVE over Subo, stand aside Diversity - the pubs and clubs of Suffolk's county town are set to show Ipswich Has Got Talent.

MOVE over Subo, stand aside Diversity - the pubs and clubs of Suffolk's county town are set to show Ipswich Has Got Talent.

As part of the police's SMILE (Safety Makes Ipswich Life Enjoyable) campaign, aspiring entertainers are being given an opportunity to showcase their ability.

The organisers of Ipswich Has Got Talent are currently setting up venues for competition heats, culminating in a grand final at the Corn Exchange on December 16.

The concept aims to illustrate that people from all generations can mix and have an enjoyable night out in the town.

This fits in with the strategy of SMILE, which is supported by organisations and agencies throughout Ipswich, including The Evening Star.

The initiative aims to bring a feel good factor to the town, particularly at night-time, and challenge the notion that it is just a place for lager louts.

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Police community support officer Kevin Smith, the main organiser of Ipswich Has Got Talent, believes the competition will highlight all that is best about the town.

The PCSO, who is match-funded for the licensing trade by police and Ipswich Borough Council, said: “We came up with the idea to let people know that Ipswich is a safe, vibrant place to live and work, and also to discover any hidden talent we have in the town.”

Although prizes for the grand finalists are still being sorted out, one of them will be a day in a recording studio.

However, Mr Smith stressed the competition is open to all kinds of entertainers, including comedians, jugglers, and dancers, as well as novelty acts.

All profits from Ipswich Has Got Talent will go to local charities.

Around 150 publicity packs have been sent out to around 40 members of the town's Barwatch association.

Nadia Cenci, communities portfolio holder at IBC, said: “I wanted an event that brought all ages together at night-time. The members of Barwatch and police immediately ran with Ipswich Has Got Talent, which I know will be a great showcase for people.

“I urge all those who may not have had an opportunity to perform in from of an audience, as well as those already known for their talent, to enter this competition.

“I look forward to seeing the performances and being a judge at the final.”

For more information about Ipswich Has Got Talent telephone Kevin Smith on 07798 888900.

Do you back the SMILE campaign? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail eveningstarletters@eveningstar.co.uk

Among the pubs and clubs already committed to holding heats are:

n. the Golden Hind

n. the Brickmaker's Arms

n. Edwards

n. Mojo's

n. the Spread Eagle

n. the Summerhouse

n. the Earl Kitchener

n. the Steamboat Tavern

n. the Grinning Rat

n. the Railway