Ipswich: Residents refuse to pay parking fines

ANGRY residents are today refusing to pay parking fines after residential bays were suspended for a week because of roadworks.

However they claim no work was done in those areas for five days.

UK Power Networks began electrical work on Rendlesham Road, Ipswich – joining on to Bramford Road – last Wednesday and planned to finish yesterday.

But residents, who were forced to park elsewhere between 8am and 4pm, are refusing to pay parking fines for returning to their bays because they claim no work was carried out between Wednesday and Tuesday.

Doug Coombes, 46, of Rendlesham Road, was fined �35 – rising to �70 if it remains outstanding after two weeks – but is contesting the charge.

Speaking yesterday, he said: “They started digging up the pavement last Wednesday but they have disappeared and we haven’t seen them until today [Tuesday].

“All the residents I have spoken to who have received fines are going to appeal.

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“The contractors are doing the work on double yellow lines at the top of the road, but the whole road is closed and it shouldn’t be. They haven’t once used any of our parking bays.”

Claudia Bose, 49, who lives with Mr Coombes, said: “It’s a joke.”

As residents in Rendlesham Road have Zone 4 resident parking status, they had a choice of 20 other roads in which to park, including Portman, London and Norwich Roads.

“For the first two days we did park in the other streets but when we saw no work was being done, we used common sense and parked back in front of our houses,” said Mr Coombes.

Ian Cullingford, 46, also of Rendlesham Road, added: “It is absolutely ridiculous. They are working at the end of the street and are not anywhere near us.”

A spokesman for UK Power Networks said: “UK Power Networks is sorry for any inconvenience caused to residents.

“Our contractors began work on Wednesday, October 10 and were on site carrying out excavation and electrical work on Thursday, October 11 and Friday, October 12. The job has now been completed.

“We liaised closely with Ipswich Borough Council with regard to any traffic management needed in the area.

“It was decided that the parking bays should be suspended for safety reasons to ensure road signs with regard to the works remained clearly visible.”

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesman said: “Anyone who feels they have been issued with a penalty charge notice unfairly has the right of appeal.”