Ipswich: Retailers seek meeting over planning of future events in wake of Tour Series debate

The Tour Series 2013

The Tour Series 2013 Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Town centre businesses are seeking a meeting with the borough and county councils to work out how to better plan events like the Tour Series cycle races.

Many retailers felt their businesses suffered on what should have been the busiest day of the week because the streets were fenced off for the June 14 event. Now officials from Ipswich Central are planning a meeting with the authorities to ensure future events have an input from the business community.

Ipswich Central chief Paul Clement said: “There does need to be consultation with the businesses – we want to ensure that any future events avoid that kind of issue.”

He has already had a preliminary meeting with council officials. Officials from both councils have promised to ensure businesses are fully engaged before future events of this scale.