Ipswich: Road users calling for action to cut gridlock misery in town

IPSWICH: The Evening Star postbox continues to overflow with heated reaction to our comprehensive traffic survey.

We’ve launched a thorough examination of plans to revolutionise Ipswich’s transport system by asking you – the people who walk, ride and drive across town daily – to decide where the changes ought to be made.

Ipswich stands to reap a �25million government investment into town centre transport, which will see the rebuilding of bus stations, the transformation of walkways and a completely remodelled traffic management structure.

But far from garnering approval from Evening Star readers, the planned metamorphosis, labelled Ipswich – Transport Fit for the 21st Century, has been met with overriding disdain.

Among the stack of completed polls, few road users show support for the council’s proposals, which include the launch of a state of the art computerised traffic management and information system and improvements to make it easier to walk and cycle around Ipswich town centre.

Of the responses in so far, all but one reader said traffic in Ipswich is worse than in surrounding towns and cities.

And most of you predict the changes will not help traffic flow or encourage more people to travel by foot.

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Comments also continue to be posted on our website where readers are calling for the scheme to be rethought and for improvements to be made elsewhere.

One response read: “In the past three years, my route into town has had three new sets of traffic lights added – all within 250 metres of each other!

“My vote for improvement would be to remove half the traffic lights around Ipswich and all the lights within 100m of a roundabout.”

n We still want to hear your reaction to the �25m plan for Ipswich’s town centre transport system. We’ll be publishing our survey again soon, but you can also complete it and let us know what you think by visiting the Evening Star home page at www.eveningstar.co.uk

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