Ipswich: Roadworks misery ends after six long months

Sally Gray who is celebrating after roadworks outside her Ipswich home have finally been completed.

Sally Gray who is celebrating after roadworks outside her Ipswich home have finally been completed. - Credit: Archant

We have the best road in town now!

That is the view of one delighted homeowner after six long months of roadworks which caused huge disruption finally came to an end.

People living in the Defoe Road area have been left exasperated over the last few months as emergency repairs to a sewer, originally estimated to take four weeks, turned into half a year.

The work had to be carried out on a long section of sewer after it was blocked by several tonnes of cement while building work was taking place at a nearby house last October.

Part of the road was blocked and diversions were put in place – but on Tuesday it finally reopened.

Sally and Andy Gray, of Chepstow Road, who have been driven to despair due to the noise and smell caused over the last few months, are over the moon that the nightmare is over.

Mrs Gray said: “It was like Christmas. Six months and one week and it’s finally over.

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“We have had to go three quarters of a mile out of our way every day. It doesn’t seem a lot but every person who has had to use this diversion has lost a lot of time and money.

“For me the biggest thing was the noise as it was constant. There was a crane 10ft from our kitchen window and it felt like the workmen were in the house.

“It looks fantastic and I think we have got the best road in Ipswich right now.

“It would have been lovely if it had been done in a couple of weeks but that wasn’t going to happen because they had to make sure it was done properly and I understand that.”

When Anglian Water began digging in early November, residents living nearest to the disruption were told it would only take around a month.

In February The Star reported how fed up neighbours were forced to endure months of roadworks, with the prediction that work was likely to be completed by May.

Engineers worked hard to repair the damage, as the concrete had set hard some five metres beneath the surface, filling a 50-metre stretch of sewer.

Antony Innes from Anglian Water said: “I’m pleased to say that both Chepstow Road and Defoe Road have now been fully reopened following a very difficult repair.

“It proved impossible to know the extent of the damage without digging out the whole sewer and that meant we were on site a lot longer than anyone would have wanted.

“While the concrete was removed and the pipe itself repaired in early April, it still took several weeks to restore the road, paths and other utility services.”

Some work still remains to be completed, but both roads are now fully open.

Mr Innes added: “We know this work may have caused frustration for residents and road users in the area and want to thank customers for their patience and understanding.”