Ipswich: Ruby celebrates love for The Witches

IPSWICH: She has just turned 90 and struggles to walk - but die-hard speedway fan Ruby Woods will never stop cheering on the Ipswich Witches.

Mrs Woods, who is affectionately known as “mum witch” due to her long association with the club, celebrated the landmark on April 1.

The great-grandmother, of Inverness Road, Ipswich, has been a regular at Foxhall Stadium since the club was founded in 1950.

At the club’s last meeting with Scunthorpe, Mrs Wood was paraded around the track and presented with a bouquet of flowers by members of the team.

She said: “I was a little nervous beforehand but to hear the crowd cheering as I came on to the track was a really special moment.

“The club has been such a big part of my life for so long.

“Being out there in the middle with all the riders was a great feeling.

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“I may be 90 and I may struggle to walk but that won’t stop me going to watch the Witches - they’re forever in my heart.”

Mrs Woods’ love affair with the team began back in 1950 when her late husband Bob decided to take her along for a meeting.

Over the years Mrs Woods has helped to clean team members’ leathers and boots and regularly gives riders sweets and lucky charms.

She added: “When I first went to a meeting I was captivated.

“I love the smells, the colours and the sounds of all the engines revving.

“Before every meeting I say a little prayer to make sure that the riders stay safe. I bring my lucky teddy bear Charlie and stand right by the pits so I can give the riders sweets to keep them happy.”

Mrs Woods reckons she has been to thousands of race meetings all over the country.

“I’ve seen the Witches ride at Wembley, up at Berwick, Crewe, Workington and Rayleigh,” she said.

“I remember all the great riders like Billy Sanders, John Louis, Jeremy Doncaster and more recently Scott Nicholls who was a lovely boy.

“My husband may have passed away and my children have all grown up - I have nobody to go with now - but I’ll keep on going for the rest of my days.”