Ipswich: Running club’s delight at Olympic involvement

THE chairman of a town running club has today spoken of her excitement ahead of the impending Olympic Games.

Margaret Leek, chairman of Ipswich Harriers running club, said members were excited about the London Games, with some even set to become part of the legacy.

Mike Oakley, Paul Rutter and Liz Henderson are set to help judge the field events at both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Club member Joe Mower is assisting with the endurance events such as the marathon, while Tony Cheatham will take the athletes on to the track.

Joy Hoare will also be officiating field events in the Paralympics.

Margaret Nicholls and her daughter Charlotte will be volunteering as Gamesmakers. The club which was established in 1883 has 300 members and is open to runners of any ability.

Ms Leek said; “It is great to have so many people getting involved in the Olympics.

“The club has been in existence in the town for a long time and we have around 300 members. Many of them come from Ipswich, but a lot also come from Felixstowe, Hadleigh, and one event comes from Clacton.

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Club member Kasey Hagen is also set to shine when he carries the Olympic Torch through Ipswich on Thursday.

The 15-year-old said: “I have been involved in all kinds of spots since the age of seven and have made many friends along the way so this is also good for my social life.

“I’ve also travelled all over the UK with my various teams and this is extremely good experience when you are young as it teaches you responsibility and respect for others. I hope that I can pass this on.”

To get involved in the Harriers, visit www.ipswich-harriers.co.uk

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