Ipswich’s former policing commander promoted to temporary Assistant Chief Constable for Suffolk and Norfolk

Louisa Pepper

Louisa Pepper - Credit: Archant

A former Ipswich policing commander has become joint temporary Assistant Chief Constable for Suffolk and Norfolk.

Chief Superintendent Louisa Pepper will move into the new role following the retirement of Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Hamlin.

She will carry out the duties of Assistant Chief Constable over the next few months until a permanent replacement is appointed.

Mrs Pepper has served at most ranks in Suffolk Constabulary since joining the force from the Metropolitan Police in 1991.

She has previously been the Inspector for central Ipswich and Sudbury and a Detective Chief Inspector in Ipswich and at Bury St Edmunds between 2008 and 2011.

She was promoted to Superintendent and served as Head of Professional Standards for Norfolk and Suffolk Police before returning to Ipswich in August 2013 as policing commander for the county town and surrounding area.

Mrs Pepper went on to an operations role, overseeing the force control room and other departments

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She then headed the criminal justice team and was promoted to Chief Superintendent.

Speaking about her new role as temporary Assistant Chief Constable for Suffolk and Norfolk Mrs Pepper said:

“I feel privileged to have been offered the role and feel it is a real highlight of my career to date.

“The remit of the job includes protecting the most vulnerable members of our communities and making sure we take effective measures to deal with cybercrime and serious and organised crime and I will be focusing on ensuring we continue to build on the good work already done across these areas.

“I have been fortunate to work across many departments during my career which gives me a good insight into the work carried out in both Suffolk and Norfolk.

“I hope I can use this experience to ensure we continue to enhance the service provided to victims of crime, while dealing with offenders effectively.”

Mrs Pepper’s predecessor Ms Hamlin made national headlines late last month when she announced she would be retiring.

She announced she was leaving on Twitter saying it was due “to the fact” that her “values no longer fit the org [organisation]”. She wrote she could not “make a difference” or “support frontline (services)”.

Ms Hamlin added: “I wish colleagues & friends all the best. Let’s hope #policing can recover & that officers & staff welfare is prioritised.”

She later tweeted: “To clarify I am retiring! Looking forward to spending time with family & friends. Playing golf & kayaking!”