Ipswich: She’s saved - Patients’ joy as specialist diabetes nurse is saved

IPSWICH: Hospital bosses have been forced to rethink moves to make a specialist diabetes nurse redundant after an outcry from concerned patients, the Ipswich Star can today reveal.

As the axe falls on a number of jobs at the Heath Road trust, it emerged specialist nurse Anne Scott was among those who would be leaving the hospital.

But with mounting pressure from worried patients, the hospital’s management team has today revealed they will be retaining their most “experienced staff”, which is understood to mean Ms Scott.

This latest victory for patients comes after the Star’s Have A Heart campaign secured a vital step forward for heart patients. Last week we revealed around �5million has been secured to build a specialist elective heart centre at Heath Road, meaning hundreds of heart patients will now be treated in their home town rather than having to travel to Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

Earlier this month Jenna Rumbellow, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of three, warned the hospital they were making a “big mistake” in making Ms Scott redundant, in a bid to cut one-and-a-half jobs from the diabetes centre.

Today the 21-year-old, of Russet Road, said she was “over the moon” at hearing her “guardian angel” had been saved.

“This is brilliant news,” she said. “It means me and so many other patients will still be able to get invaluable support and help from Anne.

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“I am pleased the hospital have seen sense and changed their minds. It will make all the difference for hundreds of patients.”

Jan Ingle, hospital spokeswoman, said the trust are also in the process of recruiting an additional paediatric diabetes nurse.

“We have listened to what has been said and understand the anxieties as we go through a period of change,” he said. “We have been recruiting for a paediatric diabetes nurse since October 2011.

“The delay is not due to money and is due to there being few nurses in our area with these skills.

“In light of the delay in recruiting an additional paediatric diabetes nurse specialist, which is an additional post and whilst discussions are continuing with everyone involved, the diabetes centre will be retaining its most experienced staff.”

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