Ipswich sheltered accommodation noisy neighbour, 65, back in court for abusing complainant

Ipswich Magistrates Court Stock Image.

Ipswich Magistrates Court Stock Image. - Credit: Gregg Brown

A 65-year-old sheltered accommodation noise nuisance has ended up in court for the second time in two months after abusing a neighbour who complained about him.

In June Paul Jay, of Broke Hall House, Bucklesham, Road, Ipswich, was ordered to pay a total of £350 after being convicted in his absence by the town’s magistrates of breaching an Ipswich Borough Council noise abatement notice.

Jay – who is hard of hearing - has now appeared before Ipswich magistrates to admit threatening behaviour against the woman who lives in the flat below his and was one of those troubled by the previous noise issues. The offence occurred on August 17.

Prosecutor Colette Harper said Jay entered Broke Hall House at around 5pm and went to Jane Addison’s flat where he stood outside shouting and screaming.

Miss Addison was scared and called another woman who lives in the sheltered accommodation.

The court heard when the other tenant arrived Jay shouted: “I want to know what’s happened.

“You f****** b****. I will get you. I will kill you and this b**** too.“

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The woman told Jay to go away and went into Miss Addison’s flat to calm her down.

The court heard Jay has 43 previous criminal convictions.

Mark Holt, representing Jay, said there had been issues between Miss Addison and Jay, including problems over noise.

Mr Holt added: “He had been dwelling on the situation. Nothing specifically occurred. He was upset with the financial bill from the (previous case in June).

“He had been drinking, but was not drunk. But alcohol can make him somewhat quick-tempered.

The incident was described as a “short unpleasant episode”.

Mr Holt concluded by saying: “Mr Jay said the words spoken were never intended. He was never going to make good those threats.”.

Magistrates ordered Jay to pay £50 compensation to Miss Addison and given a six-month conditional discharge.

In addition Jay must also pay £30 costs and £20 towards the victims’ fund.

During June’s noise abatement order breach hearing the court was told there had been numerous complaints relating to Jay.

These included banging and shouting coming from his flat, along with excessively loud commentary of the Olympics from his television.