Ipswich: Shock as explicit CD is sold to kids after comedy gig

An CD containing explicit language was sold to children under the age of 12 at a comedy gig in Ipswi

An CD containing explicit language was sold to children under the age of 12 at a comedy gig in Ipswich on Sunday. - Credit: Archant

A GRANDMOTHER has spoken of her anger after a CD containing “vile and unacceptable” language was sold to children under 12 after a comedy show.

Children – along with the parents and grandparents – flocked to see the Under 12 Comedy show at the New Wolsey Theatre on Sunday night.

However, many were left shocked on their journey home when they discovered a CD sold after the show by comedian Jay Foreman contained explicit language.

The comedian has since issued a full apology on releasing he had sold the CD he usually sells at gigs with an adult audience, rather than the child-friendly version.

Grandmother Jan Green, who took three of her grandchildren and one of their friends to the show said: “They all bought the £5 CD with their own pocket money and we put the CD on later and I really could not believe what I was hearing.

“To say I’m annoyed about it would be an understatement. I am so shocked and I really cannot believe in this day and age that the CD was vetted before hand.

“This CD couldn’t have been more inappropriate for children under 12. I’m horrified. There were queues of children getting these CDs so it is very concerning.

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“Some of the language in it is vile and unacceptable.”

Rachel Gordon, who picked up a friends child after the show, also contacted The Star to express her concerns.

“We put the CD on in the car because I thought it would keep everyone happy.

“But then all these words started coming out, really bad language and I couldn’t believe it was being sold at a show for children.”

Sarah Holmes, New Wolsey chief executive, said: “We completely understand the anger and disappointed this has generated and we apologise unreservedly.

“We are immediately putting actions in place to ensure this does not happen again. I have spoken with Duke’s Comedy Club (event organisers) who also wish to express their sincere apologies.

“I work very closely with Duke’s to programme suitable acts for both our Under 12 and Under 18 Comedy and am reassured by the positive comments about the live performances on Sunday night.”

Neil Grainger, of Dukes Comedy, said: “We wish to apologise unreservedly for any upset caused to those who purchased Comedian Jay Foreman’s CD.

“We were given assurances, as were the theatre, that Jay’s CD was suitable for children, but is clear that this was not the case and we take full responsibility for this.

“We are truly sorry for any upset or distress the CD may have caused.”

Mr Foreman has offered to refund parents via his website and replace it with a child-friendly version free of charge.

The show was aimed at children between the ages of eight and 12.

In a statement, Jay Foreman, who won the best newcomer gong at the Musical Comedy Awards in 2009, said: “I feel really terrible about what’s happened.

“After performing at an event for children aged under 12 at the Wolsey Theatre, I accidentally sold copies of the CD that I usually sell at gigs intended for adult audiences.

“The CD that the parents bought from me yesterday was not intended for children and I was mortified when I found out that I had been selling the wrong CD by mistake, instead of the child-friendly version.

“I was first alerted of my mistake when someone from the venue told me there had been a complaint, five minutes after buying my CD, and they were driving back to the venue to return it.

“I didn’t understand what the fuss was about, until I received a tweet complaining about one of the songs, and only then I realised too late that I had been selling the wrong CD.

“I’m really upset about the whole thing. I want to apologise unreservedly to all the parents and children who listened to the CD. I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not think it is appropriate for children to listen to, and I really regret not checking my merchandise properly before selling it at a gig for children.

“I also want to apologise to the Wolsey Theatre.

“It is my fault entirely that an inappropriate CD was being sold yesterday afternoon, and I’m very sorry that they are being blamed for this when it wasn’t their fault. It was my responsibility to check the content of the CD before selling it, and I really regret not doing so.

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