Ipswich: Sites and funding sought for another skate park in town

Ipswich Skate Park

Ipswich Skate Park

Potential sites are currently being sought for a skate park which it is hoped will be created in the north west area of Ipswich.

Officials at the organisation leading the project, Groundwork, are also seeking funding to see the proposals become a reality.

James Edge, development manager at Groundwork, believes if a skate park is created, it will be a big hit with young people in the area and could also have an added benefit for adults.

He said: “It is a diversion from anti-social behaviour – that’s the idea. We are looking at developing a group and a social network of young people to get feedback.

“We are setting up a method by which potential sites can be identified and considered in terms of feasibility.

“We will also look for sources of funding that won’t directly affect the taxpayer.”

The organisation is working with the borough council to seek out potential sites for the park.

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A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council said: “We are happy to be working with Groundwork to look at the feasibility of having a skate park in the north west of Ipswich. We are looking at location and design and will be consulting with local people through the north west area committee.”