Ipswich/Somerset: Delight as siblings finally meet after 60-year search

Following a search which spanned six decades, four sisters have finally met up with their long-lost brother.

Audrey Frumento, of Ravenswood, and her three sisters – Marion Wilcox, Patricia Bond, and Linda Berry – began searching for their half-brother Ronald Parsons when they were youngsters.

The quartet had very limited information about his whereabouts and background but were determined to find him.

Today, they are celebrating after tracing Ronald to a small village in Somerset, six decades after the family started their search.

Ms Frumento, a 61-year-old, said: “We have been looking for him since before I can remember, since I was a child. And now it is just so amazing to have him in my life.”

The story began when their mother Betty Groves (nee Glisby) fell pregnant with Ronald while serving during the Second World War.

Ronald’s father – a pilot whose name has always been a mystery to the family -was sadly killed flying over Germany, leaving Betty with no choice but to put her son up for adoption when he was around 18 months old.

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Years later, Betty married and had four daughters, but yearned to find her only son.

Tragically Betty died eight years ago, having never made contact with her first born.

But her daughters kept up the search. Last year they were reunited with Ronald and have been inseparable ever since.

Ronald, who was born in Lewisham but now lives in Montock, near Yeovil, in Somerset, said the whole experience had been “overwhelming but wonderful”.

“I had been searching for my mother and her family but I never knew I had any sisters or that they had even been searching for me.

“It is wonderful to think I have this big family. I didn’t know about their search until I got a phone call out of the blue from Linda, asking my name and who my mother was.

“I didn’t believe her at first when she told me that I had sisters, I thought it was all a big joke.

“Meeting them all was daunting and a bit overwhelming but wonderful. I have looked getting to know them all.

“It is strange because I have only known them a matter of months but it feels like I have known them forever.”

Ms Frumento, herself a mum-of three, now plans to move to Montock to be closer to her brother. She added: “We have been busy catching up, its been an amazing few months. After looking for him for all this time it’s amazing to have found him.”

Mr Parsons said he wishes he had met his family when his mother was still alive, so that he could learn more about his father and what led her to give him up for adoption.

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