Ipswich: Stabbed dog Aman and handler police officer are back on the beat

IPSWICH: Less than four weeks after being stabbed in the line of duty Pc Steve Jay and his German Shepherd Aman are today looking forward to returning to work.

Pc Jay and six-year-old Aman have been given a clean bill of health after they sustained knife wounds during an incident in Nacton Road on October 25.

Vets were credited with saving the German Shepherd’s life and there were concerns that, even if he did survive, he might not be able to continue his role in Suffolk Constabulary’s dog unit.

However, Aman is said to have passed physical and psychological tests with flying colours and is due back at work full-time next week.

Richard Jones, a spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “Aman has been tested and he is fine. He is not showing any signs of having a problem. Aman and Pc Jay will be returning to full duties on Monday.”

Aman required emergency surgery for wounds to his shoulder, while Pc Jay needed hospital treatment for injuries to an arm and his back during the incident, which occurred around 8.20pm.

During Aman’s recovery Pc Jay expressed his gratitude to all the well-wishers who had contacted him or sent messages of support.

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He said: “It is much appreciated. We are both OK and more importantly Aman is making a completely miraculous recovery in such a short space of time, mainly due in part to my colleagues getting him to Highcliff vets in Cliff Lane so quickly, and for the vet’s prompt attendance and treatment, which undoubtedly saved his life.

“I am having to hold him back from doing too much – he has lost none of his bounce and drive and is getting back to his old self.”

Pc Jay, 52, and Aman were hurt while responding, with other officers, to a call after 47-year-old Robert Picort sustained knife wounds in Oulton Road, near Cliff Lane.

His son Asher Picort, 21 of Oulton Road, Ipswich, has subsequently been charged with two counts of grievous bodily harm following the alleged stabbings. He has also been charged with criminal damage.

The 21-year-old is due to appear before an Ipswich court for the next hearing of his case on Friday.

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