Ipswich: Stalker jailed as ex-partner fears she will die at his hands

Embittered David Milbourne is today beginning a two-year jail sentence for continually harassing his ex-partner, who fears she could die at his hands.

Milbourne, of Whitby Road, Ipswich, was imprisoned by Ipswich Crown Court for breaching his restraining order for the fourth time and breaching a previous suspended prison sentence.

Jailing the 50-year-old, Recorder Richard Atchley told him: “Women who find themselves in abusive relationships are fully entitled to leave them. They are also fully entitled to the protection of the courts.

“In March this year this court gave you a final chance by way of a suspended sentence. Within three to four weeks you have breached that last chance.”

The judge then referred to the victim impact statement of Sharon Duff, Milbourne’s former partner, in which she stated: “I do suffer from panic attacks due to what he has put me through. He clearly does not learn from going to court, or from spending time in prison. I want it to stop.”

The court heard Miss Duff said she feared things will get worse if something was not done.

She added: “I have said before I will end up dead at his hands.”

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Recorder Atchley said: “That’s about as serious psychological torture as it can get in my opinion.

“I take the view you are at a high risk of offending. I have no alternative to ensure she has some respite from your mental torture.”

Milbourne was given 20 months imprisonment for breach of the restraining order, and a further four months for breaching his suspended sentence.

Earlier in the hearing prosecutor Richard Kelly said Milbourne was seen by Miss Duff riding a motorbike outside the flats where she lived at 10.10am on March 8.

She made a note of what he was wearing and the type of bike it was, before telephoning police. When an officer arrested Milbourne they discovered the clothing described, and a bike matching the same description, the court heard.

Milbourne denied riding past Miss Duff’s flat, but was convicted when he appeared before Ipswich magistrates.

Jo Eley, representing Milbourne, said her client now accepts the relationship is at an end.

Miss Eley said: “He felt they would be together forever and he does accept he has had real difficulty coming to terms with the end of the relationship.

“He accepts that love turned into a resentment for her. He tells me now he feels absolutely nothing for Miss Duff.

“He had difficulty controlling his impulses and emotions, and says it will never happen again.”

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