Ipswich: Star puts up �500 reward to catch tyre-slashing yobs

A CASH reward has been offered after nearly 20 vehicles in just one road had their tyres slashed.

Eighteen separate incidents of criminal damage in Rosehill Road, Ipswich, were reported to Suffolk police overnight from 8pm on Thursday to 6am on Friday.

The Ipswich Star has put up the �500 reward for information about the crime wave leading to the conviction of those responsible.

Star editor Nigel Pickover said: “This is a mindless, moronic act of vandalism which we won’t stand for.

“The Star hopes our �500 reward will get tongues wagging and help trace those responsible.”

Victims of the tyre slashing have spoken out after having to fork out more than �160 to get their tyres replaced.

Mark Durrell, 50, had two tyres on his Nissan stabbed by yobs and drove to work before realising his tyres were flat.

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“It’s just mindless crime,” he said. “Driving with airless tyres could have caused an accident.

“People keep looking out their windows every time they hear a noise for fear of it happening again.”

Another victim Ryan Phillips, 39, of Rosehill Road, had two tyres slashed on his Volkswagen Passat.

He said: “I drove off to work and got just a few yards down the road before I noticed what had happened.

“The tyres had come off the rims so the rims are now ruined and will need to be replaced.

“It cost me about �170 and I had to get towed to a garage for the new tyres to be put on.”

Fellow residents Barbara and William Cook were also left to pick up a costly bill after Mr Cook’s van had two tyres cut. Mrs Cook, 81, said: “Whoever it was slashed William’s van’s tyres but left my Volvo untouched.

“It’s just completely ridiculous, I mean, what fun do they get out of stabbing wheels like this? I looked out of the window and everyone in the road was looking at their tyres in the morning. It was terrible really.”

Officers are appealing for any witnesses to the vandalism to come forward.

Pc Simon Betts, from Ipswich, said: “This is a petty and destructive crime that will not be tolerated.”

Suffolk police said a number of lines of inquiry have been followed but no arrests have yet been made.

Anyone with information should call Pc Betts on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

n Were you a victim of the tyre slashing crime wave? Call newsdesk on 01473 324790 or e-mail starnews@archant.co.uk.