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Should traffic lights at Copdock be removed?

Should traffic lights at Copdock be removed? - Credit: Archant

Readers have been sharing their views on the stories that matter to them via letter - from Ed Sheeran backing Comic Relief to traffic lights at Copdock.

Read what they had to say here:

Time we took a stand on charity?

Sir, - I find it remarkable that Ed Sheeran is appealing to the people of East Anglia to support Red Nose Day. Those of limited means, and just about making ends meet, are being asked to give money by someone who has earned more in a couple of years than they will ever make in many lifetimes. Many of us have already made tax contributions donating a substantial share to warfare in the UK and to a lesser extent to the overseas aid budget. Yet even more is expected or may I say is demanded.

This would be less obscene if it was not for the person calling for support being able to contribute the whole lot themselves without even putting a dent in their own wealth, saving us the hardship or bother.

I have recently observed the former MP David Miliband now heads a charity taking a salary in the region of £300,000 a year. There are too many others, often so-called celebrities, who also cleverly use their psychological influence on the public yet do not set the example by donating their millions, apart from a few exceptions.

Many people I speak to on the subject agree they often give money into a bucket thrust in front of them as a result of ambush in a supermarket entrance, bully tactics at their office receptions, in the local high street by pestering, and those not giving something receiving the look of evil of not being part of the caring sharing collective.

What is worse is decent hard- working folk often have no idea who they have just given their money to or what part of that donation reaches its cause, a cause that in some cases feeds the problem and not a solution.

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The ‘little people’ have proved over the last year they have a voice and can make a difference, maybe it is time we took a stand to much of the ugliness and profiteering that has existed for too long when it comes to ‘charity’.

Those who want to give of course can, but the constant hounding of those that don’t or can ill afford it is becoming tiresome, even if they are afraid to admit it.

Anthony Gant, Kersey

Why traffic lights should be kept

Sir, - After reading about motorists’ calls for removing the traffic lights at the Copdock interchange I would like to comment. I was apprehensive when traffic lights were installed but they have proved an asset, giving every driver the chance to get on and off the junction. I live five minutes’ drive from the junction and use it most days - a lot of the hold-ups occur when drivers are in the wrong lane, sometimes by accident, but mostly by driving in the fast lane and then trying to get in the right lane when they are nearly at the junction causing drivers to brake.

Please keep the lights otherwise there will be greater congestion especially as the volume of traffic increases yearly.

Every time I read new houses are considered being built there is immediate opposition! I appreciate views and areas should not be spoilt but surely these can be built to enhance the area and give more people the chance to enjoy the surroundings.

Sandra Willsher, Ipswich

We’ll fight them in the studios!

Sir, - As a long-standing radio anorak and collector of vintage radios, I was most concerned when I heard recently that the Anti-Analogue Alliance have invaded Norway, and will thus be spending this coming year shutting down the VHF/FM radio network there. This makes Norway the first country in the world to start dispensing with FM. What concerns me most about this is the choice of replacement - DAB radio. DAB of course stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, although I for one feel that ‘Dead and Buried’ is a more accurate description! With its low bit-rate audio, signals that are easily blocked by hills and tall buildings, listening to DAB is in my mind akin to submerging a speaker in dirty bathwater - not to be recommended!

Needless to say that should the Anti-Analogue Alliance attempt such antics here in Great-Brisland, my Royal Valve-brigade will be at the ready! In the re-worked words of Sir Winston Churchill: “We will fight them at the transmitters, we will fight them in the studios, and on the aerials! We will never surrender!’

Chris Brisland, Ipswich

New centre is badly needed

Sir, - Andrew Hirst wrote about the urgent care centre (UCC), otherwise known to the rest of us as a walk-in centre, which may possibly come to Ipswich Hospital. It is such an obvious answer to the problems there at A & E that I cannot understand why hospitals do not offer them as a standard part of the hospital service.

The Riverside Clinic on the outskirts of Ipswich used to offer a splendid walk-in service (we used it twice), and then it was closed to us except for blood tests, and we were told there was something similar at the hospital. What the health service do not seem to realise is that when someone or their family or friend is ill, they want medical help or advice quickly. They panic. There is no drop-in centre anywhere near Ipswich. Some people do not trust 111 because they are not always referred to a doctor. So, they go to the hospital. Illnesses or accidents always seem to happen when surgeries are closed.

I was lucky. On New Year’s Eve morning I had to phone 111 and got someone asking me questions who seemed to have medical knowledge, and was given an appointment at a 111 out of hours doctor service. I was seen by a nurse and doctor, and eventually was admitted to the hospital.

All went smoothly for me but I could see that the 111 service doctors were being sadly over-worked so this possible new centre is badly needed.

Veronica Bramer, Capel St Mary

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