Ipswich: Stolen bike found – after being cleaned by the thief

IPSWICH: A biker is today rejoicing after his treasured classic motorbike was handed back by police, having been given a clean and polish by the thief who took it from his garden shed.

Rob Dean had a nasty shock on Christmas morning as he awoke to find his pride and joy – a 1956 Triumph Tiger Cub motorbike – had been stolen from the shed of his home in Lattice Avenue.

And to make matters worse, the bike was still being repaired and had not been registered for use on the road, meaning the 51-year-old had not yet insured it.

So when police officers got in touch with Rob last week to say his prized classic had been found undamaged outside garages in the Foxhall Road area of town he was over the moon.

“I got a phone call at work from Suffolk police,” said Rob, a quantity surveyor and member of Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club. “And the officer said I would be absolutely gobsmacked but they had found my bike.

“It’s in superb condition just as it was when it was taken – it’s not been damaged at all. And even better than that, it had been washed and cleaned with no rust or deterioration.

“I haven’t quite taken it in yet. I’m just overjoyed to get the thing back, and the police officer was absolutely delighted to be able to return it.

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“I couldn’t quite believe what had happened. I wasn’t expecting to see it again. In fact, I kept looking on eBay to see if anyone was selling any of the parts that I could identify, but I never found anything.

“Now it’s been returned, it’s a seriously big bonus.”

Suffolk police confirmed the bike had been recovered after neighbours reported seeing it parked by the garages for some time.

PCSO Kris Killelay-Chevous, of Ipswich’s North-East Safer Neighbourhood Team, was responsible for handing the bike back and Rob has offered thanks for his efforts.

“I just want to say thanks to the police officers who found the bike and brought it back to me. I’m really grateful for what they have done.”

The PCSO added: “I was on patrol in the area and was checking out some garages when I happened to come across it. It was just there, on its stand.

“Being able to return an item like that to someone for whom it obviously means so much gave me a great sense of satisfaction.”

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