Ipswich: Stop moaning and back this town – Dance East boss as “cesspit” row rumbles on

IPSWICH: As the debate over the state of town reaches a new intensity, the boss of Ipswich’s newest cultural centre hit out at the critics.

Assis Carreiro is chief executive of Dance East which runs the Jerwood Dance Centre on the Waterfront – which has been a catalyst for the revival of the Waterfront.

She entered the debate on the town which was sparked by a radio phone-in earlier this week when Ipswich was described by one caller as a “cesspit.”

Ms Carreiro said: “This town has come a long way over the last 10 years – just look at what has happened at the Waterfront with us and the university.

“People should look at the positive side. You don’t get everything happening at once. Change takes a long time to evolve but this is a wonderful town.

“I wish people would stop moaning and really back the town.”

Ms Carreiro accepted that the town centre needed new stores, but realised this would take time: “We’ve lost some good stores and gained some, but overall the town is developing. I love Ipswich!”

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The Waterfront still had a great deal of potential, but it was successfully attracting visitors: “Restaurants are often full and just look at the yachts in the marina, this is a great place.”

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