Ipswich: Storm of protest over calls to tear down post-war prefabs

Inverness Road

Inverness Road - Credit: Contributed

CALLS to redevelop part of the Rushmere estate by knocking down the post-war prefabs in the area have provoked a storm of protest.

Tenants, former tenants, and owners of the homes have contacted The Star after hearing local councillor Judy Terry suggesting that the prefabs could be redeveloped.

The homes started to go up in 1947 as the post-war government was desperate to provide homes for those returning from the war.

They were designed to have a life of between 10 and 15 years – but more than 65 years on and after being repaired and refurbished they are still home to many people.

And the overwhelming majority of people are keen to seen the homes remain.

Fans of our Facebook page have been sharing their thoughts on the matter, with many supporting the tenants who want to stay in their homes.

Ed Straker said: “Is that worth spending time and money on? They have been there for 60 years. All are well maintained. Ms Terry: prioritise!

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Agreeing, Dave Jenner added: “They are lovely properties, my mate lives in one, leave them alone I say.”

And Tracey Caraccio shared her views, saying: “My nan lives in one of these and has done since they were built lovely properties and a nice area leave them be try looking at other areas that are run down.”

However Theresa Dawson said: “They are not all maintained well, knock them down.”

Comments to our website www.ipswichstar.co.uk were also overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the prefabs.

“Greendigit” said: “These bungalows are perfect for a lot of us who live in them. Yes some have problems but build a house that doesn’t have and I’m sure you’ll find someone to complain about it. I have been here for seven years now and have loved it.”

Should the prefabs be retained – or would it be better to redevelop the area? Write to Your Letters, Ipswich Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail starletters@archant.co.uk