Ipswich: Super Blues worker strikes Olympic double gold

WEARING dungarees decorated in the Olympic colours, Julie Bryant played a vital role in the opening ceremony – and she’s now preparing for her next role in the closing ceremony.

Julie, who is Junior Blues co-ordinator at Ipswich Town Football Club, auditioned for the role last September and was thrilled to be part of the Games.

“My main role was interacting with the audience,” she said.

“I was there from the start until the very end.

“We were teaching people dance routines and doing lots of things with the pixels (the devices that lit up the audience).

“We were doing lots to connect the audience with what was going on on stage.”

During the song I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles Julie had bubbles to blow on the audience.

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“It was brilliant to be part of,” she said. “Everyone had their own reasons for wanting to be there and there was such a diverse range of people.”

She was also involved in a performance on stage with Dizzee Rascal where she was covered in neon paint to make her stand out in the dark.

“Because there was so much to do, there wasn’t time to get nervous,” she said.

“Everyone wore an ear piece so things could change and did change.”

Admitting she’s never been a big follower of the Olympics in previous years, Julie said: “This year because I’ve been there and seen it and been part of the preparation, I can’t get enough.”

Julie will be performing again in the closing ceremony on Sunday.

As the Olympic stadium will be in use right up until the closing ceremony, the performers will have no chance to rehearse for the show in the stadium.

“When I do it there it’ll be for the first time,” she said.