Ipswich: Super slimmer prepares for Orwell Walk

Just 12 months ago fed-up Terry-Anna Chisholm tipped the scales at twenty-three-and-a-half stone as her junk food diet of crisps and calorie-soaked roast dinners took their toll.

But today, the 46-year-old has a spring in her step and a new zest for life after shedding more than eight stone.

And to celebrate her healthy new lifestyle, the super slimmer is preparing to take on the gruelling 25-mile Orwell Walk – a challenge she would never dreamt of attempting before losing weight.

“I am going to finish it – I will force myself to the finish if I have to,” said Terry-Anna.

The support worker, of Maycross Avenue in Ipswich, is equally determined to continue dropping dress sizes.

“My family are so proud of me and I feel like I haven’t even done anything – it’s all to do with the diet,” she said.

“There was probably too much alcohol, lots of crisps and other fatty foods – I would eat too much.

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“Now I still eat a lot but it’s all good stuff – fruit and veg and I can even have a fry-up and a roast dinner, I just need to be smart with it.

“I have got so much more energy.”

Terry-Anna said she was shocked when the pounds started piling on, which coincided with her decision to quit smoking.

“I was miserable – I didn’t go out and I didn’t want people to see me, I really hated it.”

However, a change in her diet quickly paid dividends – which meant her super-size wardrobe was quickly redundant.

She celebrated her achievements by throwing away over-sized outfits – except for one pair of trousers and a top.

“I’ve kept them as a reminder to myself,” she said. “I would still like to lose about three or four more pounds though.”

Terry-Anna is grateful to everyone who helped her achieve her goal.

She said: “I started with Slimming World on my own and then I started going to classes around January – it’s helped me hugely.

“There have been a lot of people on Facebook from my Slimming World group who have helped me as well.

“They were there for me and looking at pictures of them, you can see how much they have lost.”

The next challenge is conquering the Orwell Walk, which is taking place on June 26.

Terry-Anna will be raising money for the EACH Treehouse Appeal.

She has been running and swimming in preparation as well as keeping on top of her diet.

To sponsor Terry-Anna visit www.justgiving.com/ Terry-anna-Chisholm0.

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