Ipswich: Survey shows town is third happiest place to live in the UK

Jordan Lester and Harry Moore and their son Oscar.

Jordan Lester and Harry Moore and their son Oscar. - Credit: Andrew Partridge

It’s smiles all round in this town.

According to a new survey, Ipswich is the third happiest place to live in the UK – outranking regional rivals Norwich, Cambridge and Colchester.

A total of 38,624 people responded to the survey, which saw the town come in behind Harrogate and Stockport.

The survey took into account 12 different factors, with Ipswich rating in the top 10 for well-being, pride in the home and recreation, and first overall for contentment in relation to houses.

Ipswich’s closest neighbour was Norwich, coming in at number 15.

We took to the streets to find out what people like about the town and found the friendly people came out top.

Michael Riddall, 80, has lived near the Waterfront with his wife since 2000 and enjoys the slower pace of life in Suffolk.

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He said: “I like the fact that there are so many good takeaways, more than any place I’ve ever lived.

“I like the fact that it’s developing as well. People on the whole are very friendly.”

Selsela Naweed, 30, from London, fundraises all over the country and said Ipswich people are “very friendly”.

She said: “People here are very friendly, it’s probably one of the friendliest places outside London.”

Chris Ambrose, 36, from Ipswich has a food stall in the market on the Cornhill.

He said: “The people are very friendly here. It’s really nice.

“Even when I’m really rushed, the customers are very patient and polite.”

Harry Moore and Jordan Lester, both 19, are pictured with three-month-old Oscar Moore.

Jordan has lived in the town for three years. She said: “I think Ipswich is nice.”

Harry, who has lived here for six years, added: “I enjoy it here. It’s a crazy place to live, everything happens here.”

Sally Howard, 50, was born in the town and has always been happy here. (pictured with friend Sarah Margetts, 31)

She said: “I think it’s quite a happy place. I think some people expect it to be a bit more vibrant but we’re not too far from London and we’re not too far from the coast. Usually we have quite warm weather and I think the people are quite friendly here.

“I think it’s changed a lot and it’s more cosmopolitan now.”

Rebecca Oldershaw, 28, (not pictured) finds the town child-friendly for 20-month-old Josie.

She said: “There’s nice child-friendly places to go and soft play areas. There’s Mothercare and Toys R Us.

“You’re right next to the countryside as well as having the town.”

Sisters Yvonne Thomas, 64, and Sandra Gallier, 67, from Wolverhampton are on holiday in Felixstowe and popped into the town for the day.

Sandra said: “It’s very nice, we like Ipswich.”

Yvonne added: “The shopping area is nice – we parked at the Park and Ride (in Martlesham) and got the bus in. The shopping area’s been lovely and we have found the people quite friendly.”

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