Ipswich sweet was rock-solid tradition

SEASIDE rock was once a “must” souvenir of a British summer holiday.

David Kindred

SEASIDE rock was once a “must” souvenir of a British summer holiday.

It was as traditional as donkey rides on the beach and fearsome landladies at a backstreet bed and breakfast.

This sticky sweet cellophane-wrapped stick with a little photograph of the resort where it was purchased was once crunched by the million.

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Children would puzzle as to how the makers got the name of the resort all the way through?

It seems this novelty was once made in Ipswich, although I do not think “Ipswich Rock” was ever on the market.

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I found a set of photographs taken in Ipswich in May 1967 as sticks of rock was being made.

These sticks of glucose and sugar, made from much the same recipe as boiled sweets, were pulled repeatedly, becoming aerated and giving it a white cloudy appearance.

It was first sold at fairgrounds in squares, then at Blackpool and Morecambe with lettering through the stick.

It was always part of the “kiss me quick” culture and most people would take several sticks home for family, friends and work colleagues, even from just a day out at Felixstowe.

As people set off for their holiday, friends and colleagues would say “bring us a stick of rock”.

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