Ipswich: Table tennis record is smashed by players in Ipswich

A group of table tennis players from Ipswich are today hoping to put themselves on the map as world record-breakers.

More than 100 players took to the table at the Corn Exchange yesterday morning as they attempted to break the record for the most people to take part in a rally.

The record, which stood at 101, was broken in five minutes as 109 players took part in a single rally.

Jimmy Farrow, 48, who organised the event, said: “It was quite nervy at the end for me just playing it back even though it was a short shot. Nobody wanted to be the person that made a mistake.”

The attempt marked the beginning of the Ipswich and District Table Tennis Championships.

At the other end of the table, playing shots back to those taking part, was Wales international, Stephen Gertsen.

Stephen, 25, represented Wales at table tennis in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, but he admitted the yesterday’s task made him just as nervous as representing his country.

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He added: “It was one of the most nerve-racking things of my life – there was a lot of pressure.

“I had to make sure that I didn’t mess up.

“I thought it would be a good way to promote the sport in the area and it was good to get Ipswich on the map and the sport on the map as well.”

The team behind the attempt are now in a hurry to send off evidence to the bosses at Guinness World Records so they can prove they did the challenge and get their names in the book.

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