Ipswich: Teenager says mum’s abuse ruined her life

IPSWICH: A teenager physically abused by her mother over a 13-year period today told how her mum’s “cruel” actions left her life in ruins.

Former pub landlady Annmarie McLean, of Bloomfield Street, Ipswich, was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court to a two-year restraining order forbidding her to contact her daughter Lilymae.

The 19-year-old said: “I think it is disgusting that the person who was meant to be there for you, and love you most in the world, can do something as cruel as she did.

“I can’t stand her. She’s completely ruined my life.”

Lilymae, who lives in east Ipswich, was protected from being identified throughout the court proceedings, but has opted to waive her anonymity so she could speak about the case.

The Evening Star successfully applied to the court, with help from Lilymae, to get the court order lifted.

The teenager hopes that by speaking out, some good may come from what happened to her.

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Lilymae said: “I want to help other people who might be going through similar things and don’t know what to do. It’s not anything someone should be ashamed of.

“It felt good to come forward because I could get it off my chest, as at the age of 13 I was actually suffering from depression and was self-harming.”

The ill-treatment began at an early age.

Lilymae said: “The abuse started when I was three or four.

“I started getting beaten when we moved here from Birmingham.

“I would be slapped across the back, face and stomach.

“She hit my head against a door, would spit at me, pull my hair and chuck me up the stairs.

“She would also try to turn the family against me.

“It made me feel very isolated.

“Now I’m a little distant from a lot of people. I’m not really angry so much but, it has left me with anxiety and a panic disorder which stops me feeling any real emotion.”

In addition to the restraining order Annmarie McLean was also given a community order with 15 months supervision and a women’s emotional specified activities requirement.

She had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to wilfully assaulting and ill-treating Lilymae between November 25, 1994 and November 25, 2007.

McLean admitted losing her temper on occasions, but claimed she also had a difficult upbringing and had felt under pressure while bringing up Lilymae.

McLean also said her actions against Lilymae were irregular and not a frequent occurrence.

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