Teenager walking round every Ipswich street to raise money for charity

Suzanna Kempton is walking every named road in Ipswich

Suzanna Kempton is walking every named road in Ipswich - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

An Ipswich teenager is raising money for charity by walking around every named street in the town. 

Suzanna Kempton, 17, began the mammoth trek around the town in June 2020 and hopes to complete it by June this year. 

The Northgate High School pupil is completing the walk as part of her silver Duke of Edinburgh award. 

"For the Duke Of Edinburgh Silver award you have to think of an aim," said Miss Kempton. 

"I just thought of different aims like walking a certain amount of kilometres or waking for a certain number of hours."

Eventually she settled on walking all the named roads in the town which means any road with a name as specified by Ipswich Borough Council, it won't include any unnamed or unofficial paths. 

Suzanna Kempton and her mum Nicky Clifton have been taking the walks together

Suzanna Kempton and her mum Nicky Clifton have been taking the walks together - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Miss Kempton has spent every weekend walking around 14km around the town with her mum Nicky Clifton. 

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"It's 30 minutes of planning for a three hour walk," said Miss Kempton. 

"I look at the map and I draw out what I think would be a good distance and then I check on Google Earth how far it would be."

At the moment the pair have covered all of west Ipswich and are now starting to work on roads in the south east of the town. 

The challenge has given Miss Kempton the opportunity to explore different parts of the town. 

"There are definitely lots of places I have never been to before," said Miss Kempton. 

The walks have not been without their own challenges as Miss Kempton and her mum are forced to try and guess when the weather might be better for a walk. 

"It was often quite hot in the summer, I got sunburnt a couple of times," said Miss Kempton. 

As well as helping Miss Kempton to complete her Duke of Edinburgh award, she is also hoping to raise money for the mental health charity Suffolk Mind. 

"It's something that people need to know more about," said Miss Kempton. 

"I think there's not really been much emphasis on mental health until more recently and walking really does help that."

Miss Kempton has set up a crowdfunding page where donations can be made, so far she has raised £40. 

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