Ipswich: That’s no evil spirit, it’s a good old tractor boy!

A mystery surrounding paranormal activity at an Ipswich home has finally been solved.

Lee and Michelle Markwell’s haunted house riddle can be put to rest now, thanks to a team of paranormal investigators.

The couple were left mystified after a series of bizarre experiences at their home in Mottram Close, Pinewood.

They believed their house was inhabited by a ghostly creature – and they have had their claims confirmed.

A five-strong team of investigators from Suffolk Paranormal Research, led by Lee Patston, carried out a series of temperature tests, electro-magnetic field experiments and energy reflux measurements at Mr and Mrs Markwell’s home and discovered some amazing results.

Mr Markwell, 39, said the investigation into just what goes on after dark was very exciting to see unfold.

“At last we know who haunts our home,” he added. “The team confirmed that it was an old farmer called William and his sister, Rachel.”

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Since the couple moved into their house last April, they have experienced bizarre goings-on such as the microwave oven starting itself up, the kettle boiling itself, the doorbell ringing when no-one is there and the toilet flushing on its own.

Mr Markwell also claimed to hear footsteps going up and down the stairs and something brush past him.

Amateur detective Mr Markwell, who works as a team leader at Tower Ramparts, stayed up into the early hours of the morning with a video camera and captured light orbs floating around his house.

He sent the footage to Suffolk Paranormal Research which prompted the investigation.

Investigator Mr Patston said: “We had a digital voice recorder running hoping to catch some electronic voice phenomena, where a spirit tries to input their voice on a recording, from which we managed to catch some odd voices.

“The names William and Rachel, who are brother and sister and were farmers, were picked up through one of our mediums.”

Mr Markwell added: “It certainly brought a tear to my eye when the team confirmed that I now know I have two special friends who walk my stairs during the day and evening.

“I am so pleased that they have chosen our house. It may sound bizarre but that’s life.”

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