Ipswich: The Evening Star helps in crackdown on fly-tipping near Foxhall speedway stadium

IPSWICH: An area of land close to Ipswich’s speedway stadium which had been polluted by persistent fly-tipping is being cleaned up thanks to the Evening Star.

We reported recently how a number of items including a mattress, settee and an abandoned tent had been discovered in woods near the stadium by local resident Sue Ockelton, who regularly walks through the area.

Since that time stadium staff have been able to clear many of the dumped items up and will continue searching the site for other rubbish.

Ms Ockelton, who took the photographs of the dumped items, said “The rubbish dumped up there is such an eyesore in such a lovely area.

“There is always a lot of rubbish left from Speedway and Stock car meetings and always a dreadful mess after the Sunday boot sales.

“People also use it as an area to get rid of bulky furniture.

“I regularly walk my dogs there and take a carrier bag with me to pick up small items of rubbish, as I walk round.

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“Recently there has been someone living in a tent in the bushes, which has since collapsed and been abandoned, leaving a huge pile of rubbish behind.”

A spokesman for Foxhall Stadium said that staff had found the abandoned tent and were clearing associated rubbish in the immediate area.

He added that efforts to find the dumped mattress and settee were still on-going.

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