Ipswich: Town gears up for big Christmas switch-on

Ipswich: When Christmas looks this magical it can’t come early enough.

Ipswich is buzzing with anticipation as the excitement of the festive season draws near.

The lead up to the big day is officially afoot as town centre streets light up with colour.

And merriment is in good supply this year, with countless companies bringing their own enchanting contribution to the party.

Shoppers may have already seen the famous Evening Star Christmas tree taking pride of place on the Corn Hill. And visitors only need look up to see the marvellous decorations on display all over Ipswich.

Tonight marks the official start of celebrations as the town’s Christmas lights are switched on.

Santa is all set to lead his gift laden sleigh through the streets, before reaching his destination at the splendid switch-on.

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Songs will be sung and snow will even fall alongside the Evening Star tree, marking Santa’s arrival.

Everyone has been busy preparing for the big event, which gets under way at 7pm.

Long-established clothing company and schoolwear stockist Coes has been putting Christmas trees above its Norwich Road store for 50 years and this year’s display went up earlier this week.

Company boss William Coe said: “This is a real tradition for us as we gear up for the festive season.”

This year’s Christmas events in the town look set to be bigger and better than ever before, as organisers Ipswich Central prepare for a series of Santa spectaculars.

After watching the lights go on, shoppers can enjoy the first night of late night shopping.

Evening Star editor Nigel Pickover said: “Once again Ipswich is radiating festive cheer. We’ve already welcomed the arrival of The Evening Star Christmas tree and, over the next few weeks, will see the town magnificently lit in celebration of the season.

“Our decorated high streets guarantee an enchanting Christmas for visitors young and old.”

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