Ipswich: Town guest house to be featured on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed today

Daugther Kelly Langdown and mother Linda Langdown at their guest house The Old Times in Ipswich, whi

Daugther Kelly Langdown and mother Linda Langdown at their guest house The Old Times in Ipswich, which will be featured on next week's Four in a Bed programme. - Credit: Su Anderson

The Old Times Guest House, run by mother and daughter duo Linda and Kelly Langdown, with Linda’s partner Vaughn Gray, is featured on the first episode of the week on Monday at 5pm, in the series which pits ambitious B&B owners against each other, with each pair of guests paying what they feel the hosts deserve.

Kelly Langdown, 44, general manager of the Old Times Guest House, said: “It was a lot of fun. The crew made it a good laugh and the contestants were very nice.”

But the Langdowns originally turned down the chance to appear on the show known for its competitive nature, before reconsidering for commercial reasons.

“They found us on Trip Advisor and contacted us, but straight away we said no. Then we thought about it and it’s really good publicity because we have only been going for two years,” Ms Langdown added.

In those two years, the family have had to completely refurbish the entire guest house, and while at time the journey hasn’t been easy, Ms Langdown sees Four in a Bed as the final piece of the puzzle in establishing the B&B.

“We are hoping that it gives us the exposure, it was a nice way to showcase all the hard work. I think this is one of the best kept secrets in Ipswich,” she added.

While the family got on well with their fellow contestants, they are also aware that the edited programme may not reflect the jovial nature all the time. But while the exposure is the reason for their appearance, the advice from their co-contestants has also been useful.

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Ms Langdown said, “In the last four or five weeks we have got onto Booking.com and The Late Room, which was recommended by the other gust house owners, and since then our bookings have doubled.”

The family knows the result of the show, but are not revealing it before it is aired, and while they know the final outcome for the prize, they are still unsure how they will come across in the final edit.

Ms Langdown added, “We are a bit nervous really. We know who won but we don’t know how they put it all together!”