Ipswich Town Hall clock fixed after moving forward by another 10 minutes

The Town Hall Ipswich Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

The chimes at Ipswich Town Hall had been out of time for weeks - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Ipswich Town Hall's clock has finally been fixed after it moved forward another 10 minutes in the space of a week. 

Residents living close to the Town Hall have noticed that its bell has been chiming out of time for the past few weeks. 

Last week, this newspaper reported that the clock was chiming 10 minutes before it should, leaving people a little confused.

Ipswich Borough Council confirmed at the time that it would look into the issue and it would soon be fixed. 

However, in the past week the clock has continued to move forward and most recently had been chiming at around 20 minutes before it should. 

A contractor returned to look at the issue again on Wednesday, with the problem found to be more complex than initially thought. 

Ipswich Borough Council confirmed on Wednesday that the issue with the clock had now been fixed.